Monday, April 6, 2009

Ask the Experts any Remodeling question

Q: How can I evaluate whether this project makes sense financially for my home and neighborhood? - MA - Morganville, NJ

A: Great question! Homeowners are often faced with the move or improve decision. The importance of resale and over improving are directly proportional to how long you expect to stay in your home. The longer, the less important it is, in our opinion. For a quick value reference we suggest you estimate the current value of your home simply by looking it up on Add the amount of the anticipated remodeling work. Then search for the remodeled version of your home in your zip code on to compare what is available and what you plan for your home. Once you have that information for comparison you need to calculate all the other anticipated moving cost such as realtor fees, closing costs, moving expensive, and redecorating. This is not an exact science and many more factors go into making the move or improve decision. Mark of Excellence Remodeling often assists homeowners with this process during design and budget consultations.

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