Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mark of Excellence Introduces New Home Maintenance Club

Mark of Excellence Remodeling, an award winning New Jersey remodeling company, is taking their customer service one step further and introducing their new Home Maintenance Club. The goal of this new club is to help families keep homes maintained and energy efficient.

Using the NJ Clean Energy program as well as Energy Star, the Home Maintenance Club is offering home energy audits. These audits provide excellent incentives and rebates when families evaluate and work on improving the energy efficient of their home. Audits are conducted by technicians that are trained and certified and include taking inventory of the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, safety and health checks, lighting, insulation levels, the overall level of comfort, and more.

Air sealing of the home is offered free, up to the amount of $1,000 of sealing. A special comprehensive package is also offered, which includes other measures including insulation, domestic hot water, HVAC upgrades, more air sealing, and other measures that are recommended and eligible. The cost of this package can vary, but includes various incentives that provide excellent savings to consumers.

Handyman services are also offered through the Home Maintenance club. Labor for small projects and simple home repairs is provided at hourly rates by the club. Services available include trim work, repairs, flooring, stairs, masonry, doors, carpentry, decks, drywall, windows, tile repair, caulking, and more. All estimates on handyman services are totally free.

Another benefit offered by the new Home Maintenance Club is their aging in place aid for seniors. Both tips and advice are offered on improving accessibility throughout a home by remodeling to avoid accidents. Various remodeling services are available as a part of the aging in place program, including bigger bathrooms, eliminating steps at the entrance, non-slip floors, elevators, wider hallways, emergency call buttons, easy open windows, and more.

Building on their superior reputation for customer service excellence, Mark of Excellence Remodeling is taking this one step further with this new club. Consumers can benefit from all the excellent programs offered as a part of the Home Maintenance Club, enjoying better safety and comfort in their homes.

To learn more about the new Home Maintenance Club and how you can become a part of this club, visit for more information.


Name: Neil Parsons (VP of Sales & Marketing)

Company: Mark of Excellence Remodeling, Inc.

Address: 952 Broadway, West Long Branch, NJ 07764

Phone: 732-263-9890



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